Employee Vibes : Attendance Management, Attendance Policy, Attendance Workflows, Attendance Calculation
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Time & Attendance

Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance is used to manage presence of employee in organization. Employee Vibes facilitate to define Working Schedule with multiple sessions; integrate with external devices; define policy for irregularity; setup workflow with escalation matrix for Punch Time Correction, OD and OT Application across the company.

Shift and Work Schedule

Employee Vibes facilitate to create default shift pattern divided in multi sessions.

Define shift in multi session and breaks with time for each slot.
Provision to define Weekly Off pattern
Define shift pattern for a week.
Assign shift pattern to each employee
Employee Vibes facilitate to create Work Schedule for a month according to assign default shift pattern to employee.

Workflow Configuration

Employee Vibes provides workflow and escalation matrix policy for Punch Time Correction, OD and OT Application. It allows to involve an employee, supervisor or manager through out workflow approval process through ESS, MSS, On Behalf and Admin.

Workflow allows to define multi level of escalation matrix for each workflow indepently.
Applicant can escalate immediate approval authority to next level
You can define your own notification text for person involved in process.

Attendance Recording

Employee Vibes integrates with conventional attendance devices on real time. You may also register attendance thtough built in method login/log out or manual registration in portal and view presence of employee at various locations across company.

Record attendance integrating with conventional attendance devices such as biometric or swipe cards or future ready devices.
Built in method to record attendance through login/log out on allowed IP address
Attendance recording by individual in portal on daily basis for each employee.

Irregularity Policy Configuration

Employee Vibes facilitates to define Irregularity policy for Late Coming, Early Going, Missing Hour or unauthorized absent and penalise through leave deduction or salary deduction, issue warning, suspend for a period, deduct leave, salary or both. You can also define policy for Extra Hour Worked on Working Day, Weekly Off or Public Holiday to compensate with Compensatory Off or Salary Amount.

Define policy to deduct leave or Salary or both againts late come, earky go or missing hour
Employee Vibes allows TO DEFINE policy for unauthorised absent for certain period. Take disciplinary action against employees by Issuing Warning, Show Cause Notice or Suspending employee.
Define policy to compensate Extra Hour Work against Compensatory Off or Salary

Attendance Process

Auto notification to approval on regular interval to approve pending application escalated to them.
Lock application and approval workflow separately to bare from application and approval.

Attendance Time Sheet

Employee Vibes facilitates to view attendance log for a given month through Time Sheet for ESS, MSS, On Behalf and Admin to view attendance. It also navigates to do Punch Time Correction, OD Application, and OT Application for a given day.

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