Track and Record

Attendance &
Leave Management

Create your Policies from Scratch, make sure your Attendance and Leave policies work in a way that they are supposed to. Stay connected and get Real-time data from anywhere.

Stay Agile, Stay Active!

Easy Shift Management


Attendance Management allows you to use “Drag & Drop” Shifts helping companies to manage shifts at Manager level. Attendance Management lets you create as many shifts and as many types of shifts as required. Set unique policies for different shifts. Utilize Advanced features like “Auto-Tagging” of nearest shifts.

Bio-Metric Integration


Integrates seamlessly with Biometric devices and provides you Real-time Attendance analytics. Capture all Check-Ins and Check-Outs and record attendance from multiple locations at a central place.


System Login, Geo-Tagging and Geo-Fencing


Attendance Management allows Employees to Login to the system and make their own attendance. Attendance can be captured on the move with Mobile Application with Geo-tracking Capabilities. Attendance also allows you to Fence a certain Geographical Area for attendance capturing through Geo-Fencing.

Policies from scratch!

Fully-flexible Attendance Policies


Attendance lets you create your own policies into the system right from scratch. Name a policy and define how it works with our state-of-the-art design. Configure any policy with any kind of permutation and combination. If your policy follows a logic, we can configure it. Create location based Holiday Calendars.

Notifications and Workflows


Attendance enables you to create workflows mirroring your company’s original process. Make sure all your attendance escalations such as OT, Punch Error Correction, OD etc moves in your organization on time-bound and smooth way. Handle Multiple workflows, Cross-Company, Cross-Department based escalations.


Reports and Charts


Get real-time data on attendance across locations. Create your own reports as required. Intuitive Charts & Dashboards provide data analytics on plethora of metrics in Real-time. My team Dashboard allows managers to track attendance of his team on Homepage.





Geo Fencing


"Leave" your struggles ; Relax!

Fully Flexible Leave Policies


Leave Management allows your to create your own Leave Policies from the SCRATCH, just like your attendance policies. Leave Nomenclature, Leave Entitlements, Leave Availing, Leave Carry-Forward, Leave Lapsation, Leave Encashment and many more.

Leave Workflow


Create Leave Escalation workflow from the scratch. Define how Leave Applications move in the organization. Create Single Level Leave Escalation, Multi Level Leave Escalation, Complex – Timeline based Leave Application. Shape the leave module according to your requirements with the help of formulae.

Holidays & Optional Holidays


Create Separate Holiday Calendars for different locations. Include National Holidays, Gazzetted Holidays. Create your own bucket of optional Holidays that your Employees can choose from.


Leave Policy





Focus on Mobility, Agility.

EmployeeVibes has been designed keeping in mind the future that is yet to arrive. We are moving from a Mobile First to Mobile – Only society pretty quick. Our Responsive design and Mobile Application enables you to stay connected….anywhere, everywhere.

Over 40% companies feel the most important aspect of HRMS is ESS. - SoftwareAdvice, 2014.

Over 96% HRs want an "Integrated suite" that helps them automate their businesses.

Most buyers want to track "PTO", Paid time-off more than 30%.

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