Best HRMS Software

6 "Must-have" prerequisites for best hRMS software

It is said that Human Capital is the biggest asset to any organization. Managing Human resources is not only beneficial to any enterprise, it is extremely necessary. We are living in a world of open markets and competition. Leakages in the company’s finances create an unfavorable situation for corporations where their expenses spiral out of control. To be competitive we must have our expenses under control. We should be able to identify who are the assets to the company and reward the correct talent.

Automation helps the management to track the performance of the organization. Automation can help keep the employees happy & motivated. Automation helps decision-making faster. Here are 6 must-have prerequisites for any HRMS Software.

HRMS Software

Smooth Experience

It is very important for the User experience to be ultra-smooth across all devices, be it a laptop or a tablet, or a phone. A smooth and beautiful user interface is a prerequisite for a good HRMS. It ensures the adoption of the software among the employees which is a vital part of HRMS implementation success. EmployeeVibes ensures a uniform and smooth experience across all devices. Fast, Flexible, Fabulous!

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Data Security is a vital part of a Goof HRMS System. An HRMS should have a robust data protection policy and should be hosted in a reputed Datacenter that upholds the highest standards of Security. EmployeeVibes is hosted on IBM Servers and provides the best data security with Backup and Disaster Recovery.


Client Service is the MOST important part of HRMS. HR itself is one of the most sensitive domains in a business. It is very important to go with software that provides the best customers service. EmployeeVibes’ vision is to create the most customer-centric HRMS in India.

Functionality, Flexibility & Independent Policy Configuration

An HRMS Software should be able to handle any complex policy set by the organization. All the legal entities and hierarchies should be completely independent of each other so that the policies can vary from Hierarchy to Hierarchy We live in a dynamic world where changes in the software should be made available for the client. EmployeeVibes provides the clients with Ultra-Flexible policies that can handle any complex Scenario, today and tomorrow.

Mobility First

A Good HRMS should concentrate on Real-time data via Mobility First Approach. Managers should be able to work while being on the move. Get Business Intelligence on a real-time basis. Data-driven decision-making promotes the healthy growth of the organization.


Integrated End-to-End HRMS

An integrated HRMS that caters to the Hire-to-Retire requirements gives ROI many folds higher than that of Individual Softwares. With Multi-Module Integrations, clients can look into the “Bigger Picture” of the organization. Since an Integrated solution is built from the ground up the data flow is seamless.  EmployeeVibes has been created keeping this in mind and makes sure all the modules talk to each other for you to have the most optimized experience.


There are hundreds of HRMS Software in the market but we should be really careful about what we go forwards with. HRMS Implementation requires a huge amount of time and effort investment and you should ensure that you go ahead with a software that will be able to partner with you for the foreseeable future.