Dubai Govt goes 100% Paperless. Here are 8 personal Habits that can “Save-the-world”

We, Human beings, call ourselves the “most clever” species in the world. We are probably the only species that have adversely affected the earth in a way that can its nearly impossible to reverse. Deforestation in Brazil has caused major alarm around the world. The world is losing tree cover and it’s losing it fast. But human beings are changing; more and more people are moving towards “sustainable” options. Companies like Tesla are pioneering Electric Cars and there is a huge influx of affordable cars that promises to save the environment. The article will help you to adopt lifestyle changes that you can adopt to help save the climate by reducing paper consumption.

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Bookworms, it’s time to switch to E-books

Education & Books are the highest source of paper consumption. It is estimated Education industry in the US alone uses 47 Billion Paper Sheets in a year and that is JUST ONE country. One tonne of paper requires around 24 trees. By switching to online alternatives we can drastically reduce our paper consumption and push reforestation efforts.

HRMS E-Books

Ditch those Napkins and Paper towels

Believe it or not, daily use items like Paper Towels and Toilet paper use a lot of resources and put pressure on the environment. Switch to reusable alternatives for paper towels like clothes that can be cleaned and reused over and over again. What about Toilet papers? Well, it has been proven by science that you should rather wash than wipe. Why wait? Switch to alternatives that will allow us to leave behind a better world than we have today.

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Donate your Old books and Magazines

Make sure you make the most of what we have in print by donating old books to students so that we can both save money and we can benefit by not printing new books every year. Habits like these can actually impact the amount of Paper that is being used in the education industry.

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Think before you Print

Be mindful of what you are printing and when. Do not carry anything on print unless it is exclusively required in hard copy. When you do, make sure you print on both sides of paper so that paper usage can be halved. Companies can switch to Digitally Signed documentation, so that hard copies are not required for even official documentations.

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Store Data on SSD Storage or Cloud

SSD drives can store way more data than millions of Physical Paper can. SSDs storage can be used to store digitally signed documents so that there is no requirement for Physical Documents to be printed and stored.

Payroll Software?

Stop printing Bank statements

Stop taking ATM card statements in print or taking out mini-statements. All the banks now provide with Pdf Statements. Make use of digital infrastructure to save as much paper as possible. Say no to documents that are not required to be on print. Do not update your Passbooks unless it is required.

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Use Sustainable Paperless Solutions

Where ever possible, Use Applications and solutions that ensure a paperless transaction. Automating companies and processes save piles of waste paper and save a tonne of money for corporations. Given a choice always email instead of documentation and use Online Applications and Approvals over Offline On Paper means. Dubai Government is set to save around $ 350 Million which can be used for benefit of the society and conservation of nature.

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Recycle whenever Possible

Keep the paper and paper-related garbage in a different dustbin. Make sure the paper is recycled and reused. A paper sheet can be recycled at least 7 times, which means 7 times less consumption of paper which can create a huge impact on how many trees are cut every year.