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Best-in-Class UI & UX

An HRMS that offers the most lucid design to make the employees comfortable in no time. A result of years of HR R&D and Multiple upgrades over the years.

Mobile-First Approach

An HRMS Software that gives you smooth experience across all devices. Now work on the move with Responsive HRMS Design and Mobile App.

Flexibility & Configurability

An HRMS that provides unmatched flexibility in EVERY aspect of transaction, be it designing your original HR Processes or HR workflows. Don't be stuck with Rigid HRMS Software.

Reports & Charts

An HRMS Software that give you the ability to design and generate your own Reports and Charts. HR Reports can even be scheduled as per client requirements.

Position Management

An HRMS with Position Management Capabilities that answers to major HR issues with respect to tracking and delegating rights and responsibility. Saves time, reduces redundancy.

Geo-Tagging & Fencing

An HRMS Software that gives you the capability of using GPS tracking and Fencing Capabilities to track employees during work hours. Especially people working from Remote locations.

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Complete End-to-End HR Suite


Core HR

Now create your own Flexible Rights, Custom Workflows, Independent Legal Entities, Unlimited Hierarchies, Fully flexible policies.



Position Management, Employee DigiLocker, Asset Management, CTC Structures, Reporting Charts, & Analytics.


Attendance & Leave

Create your own Attendance & Leave Policies from scratch. Drag & Drop Shift Management, Leave Encashment, Sandwich Rules etc.


Payroll & Statutory

EmployeeVibes Offers Fully Integrated Payroll Module, Tax Projection & planner, My Pay-slip, Filter based Payroll, Full & Final Settlements, Form 16, ESIC, 24Q, PF PT and many more.


Recruitment & Onboarding

Create your own Recruitment workflow, Budgeting, Candidate Portal, Offer Letter generation & Acceptance, IJP & Online tests. Make the onboarding process smooth with Virtual tour, E-Learning & Real-time Tracking.


Travel & Expenses

With EmployeeVibes Travel Module, aake sure your when your employees travel, only thing on their mind is Business! Travel Mode, Entitlements, Advances, Expense Application with Documents.


Performance Management

Don't be stuck with 180, 360 or any other standard PMS Structure. Build your own form from scratch, Workflows, Ratings and everything else. Advanced features like 9 Grid Box, Incentive and Promotion guidelines.

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Offboarding & Alumni

Now build, track and execute your off-boarding from scratch. Make sure your Alumni remember you fondly. Give them access to their Salary Slips, Experience Letters and more even after they have moved on!


Learning Management

Online or Offline LMS
Learning Accounting Year
Learning Calendar
PMS-LMS integration
Training Evaluation
Training Attendance Integration

Why do you need an HRMS Software?

Human Resource (HR) as we know it is an ever changing environment. During the recent times due to COVID-19 outbreak, we had to make changes not only in our lifestyles but also our work environments. As more and more employees started working from remote locations, the need to manage such a big human capital became a mammoth task. HRMS Software came to our rescue.

Though HR Software have been among us since a long time, never before we felt the its importance than now. HRMS provides Integrated Automation Solutions to manage your Human Capital remotely & easily. HRMS provides end to end automation solution to Onboard, Manage and Track your workforce. Now, cover all your tasks from Recruitment to Retirement all in one place. From Virtual Onboarding to Realtime offboarding HRMS answers every HR requirement possible. HRMS Provides you Data at your fingertips so that you make well informed, data-driven business decisions anytime, every time.

How We WOrk

Deep understanding of Specific Business Needs.

EmployeeVibes understands that all clients are not the same. HR requirements from one client greatly differs from the other depending on many factors including Industry, Geography, HR Policies etc. Hence, EmployeeVibes Conducts BRS (Business Requirement Studies) prior to starting the HRMS implementation to understand all HR needs specific to the client. Creates SOW (Scope of Work)  of HRMS, before initiation of the HRMS implementation so that the HR product, when delivered matches and exceeds all HR expectations of the clients.


Manage Employee Database with Position Management

An HRMS that enables employees to view, manage and update HR data into the system via verification process. An HRMS Software that helps you manage HR Data with respect to Rights, Responsibilities, Job Roles, Compensation, Assets, Medical records and all Soft-Copy documents in DigiLocker.


Why choose an Fully Integrated HRMS?

An Integrated HRMS provides you compatibility from the scratch. Since all the modules are designed and built to work in-sync with each other, an Integrated HRMS Solution provides with seamless flow of HR data across all your HR Modules. This means less redundancy, less HR data duplication and error and definitely more time savings. An Integrated HR Software ensures minimum number of hiccups and maximum ease.


There is more!

An Integrated HRMS has many cutting-edge benefits over using multiple software. Since the HR software is built completely integrated from ground up. It saves a lot of time and efforts for vital operational teams like IT. An Integrated HRMS not only cuts off time to setup an complete end to end HRMS with seamless HR data flow but also saves precious time to bring different software built on different platforms together so that they can be mapped to work together. Such customizations of HR software also comes with Customization charges and timelines further complicating HR processes.


Simplified Employee Training

Since an Integrated HRMS is built on single platform and follows similar UI across all its modules, the work of HRs and Trainers become very easy. With a minimalistic design like EmployeeVibes, Onboarding Employees and HRMS Adoption of HRMS becomes an easy task. EmployeeVibes follows a Social Media-like design to make the employees comfortable about using a new HR software. High rate of HRMS adoption gives higher rate of HR compliance which results into higher Return on Investment.

Statutory Complaince

Now forget worrying about Statutory Complainces!

An HRMS that comes with Built in Statutory Masters. Regular updates of HR Statutory according to latest government mandates. Get yourself an HRMS which takes away all the stress of checking HR Complainces. Get timely system updates, so that you can stop worrying about HR Complaince.

Lets travel into the past

A Brief history of Human Resource Management.

Many of us have a feeling about HR being a modern concept, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Evidence of management of Human Capital has been found since ancient Egypt more than 4500 years ago. Egyptian Foremen, much like Modern HR personnel managed huge teams specializing in various crafts. As much as 30,000 people worked in the mammoth task of building an exemplary architecture and engineering marvel that even stands today. The Ancient Pyramids are the examples of what well managed HR resource can achieve.

Pages from History

HR management in Indian History

When we talk about Indian history, perhaps the most iconic example of HR management comes from the building of Taj Mahal. Built by around 20,000 workers in early 1600s, over the span of 22 long years to create a masterpiece that shines with all its glory even after centuries. Taj Mahal, like ancient Egypt also had specialized teams looking after very specific things working in-sync with each other. They might not have an HRMS but they definitely knew how to manage Human Resource. Taj Mahal is a astounding testament to what HRs can achieve in the modern world too.

the early days

HR in Modern History

Though the the idea of management of Human Resource started with Charles Babbage & Robert Owen in late Mid-1700s, HR in its  current form probably took shape under Fedrick Winslow Taylor who termed HR management as “Scientific Management”. At a later time, various other figures did their bit of contribution to HR domain like Andew Carnegie, Beatrice Webb, John Rockefeller and our very own Jamshed JI Tata &  J.R.D TATA.

Birth of HRMS

HRMS is Born

HR automation in it current form started in the 1970s. The computers were still in its early stages and due to technical limitations many companies still relied on Manual methods. By the late 70s the first ERPs started making their debut and by the late 80s the first HR (HRMS) specific software came into the markets. Since then, HRMS has evolved every single day. Along with advancement in technology, HRMS has reached our pockets. Modern HRMS now aims to combine elements of Artificial Intelligence making the evolution of HR Software faster than ever.


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Here are more reasons HRMS may help you beat your competition

Morale : HRMS Software play a vital role in keeping the morale of your Employees at the peak. HRMS makes them feel they are a important part of the organization by informing them about all the latest happenings. HRMS makes their work easier and showing them Appreciation for their hard work.

Better last-mile Connectivity : HRMS helps to Involve Employees even working in the remotest part of the world. HRMS makes sure things happen on -time, every time regardless of where you are in the world.


Not a "Leisure" Anymore.

Gone are the times when HRMS was considered a "Leisure". In competitive world like today HRMS plays a vital role in streamlining Business Operations and Reducing Business costs. A reduced Operational costs means reduced burden on the Company. HRMS software actually helps the company to be more competitive in the market by reducing its costs both in Clerical errors and Fraudulent activities.


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