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Payroll and Statutory

Forget the weeklong hustle for Payroll Processing. EmployeeVibes makes Payroll simple and lightening fast. Finish Payroll Processing within unbelievable timelines. Save time for more important things.

Plug and Play Payroll

Payroll Configuration


Payroll allows you to define your own Pay-heads and also Configure unlimited – complex CTC – Salary Structures. Calculation formulae for calculation and reverse calculation can be formed in the system. Salary Structures can differ from hierarchy to hierarchy.

Flexible Benefit Plan


Payroll FBP can allow employees to modify certain components of CTC to suit their needs best and to minimize their taxes. Payroll module also allows the Client to set bucket of components that can be chosen from to make compose their own CTC – Salary Structure.


Tax Consultant


Payroll also allows employees to plan their own taxes. Payroll module offers Tax-reckoner which contains in depth explanation and provides guidance so that you can maximize your benefits and minimize your taxes.




Compliance & Reports

Payroll on-time, Every time.

Loan and Advance


Payroll Module allows configuration of Loans and Advances. Now schedule Automated or Manual deductions of Loan Installments (EMI) and effect on Salary. Easy reconfiguration of need arise. Loan & Advance Approval workflow ensures correct loan disbursement .

Salary Process


Run your salary based on filters with Payroll Module. Integrated Leave and Attendance Modules calculates monthly Salary automatically. Payroll Process includes Variable Pay, Off Cycle Pay, Leave Encashment & Paid Day arrears. Calculates salary on declared or actual investment value. Get your Pay-slip & Form 16  on Mobile App.


Statutory Complaince & Reimbursements


Payroll Module enables you to configure PF, PT, ESIC, LWF, TDS, eForm 24Q and other statutory. Payroll also generates Challans and Reports in the required format as per statutory requirements. Payroll Module allows you to configure policies in for claim entitlement, frequency, payout. It also enables you to create configurable claim workflow for approvals. 


Mobile App


& EMI Management



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Investment Declaration & Actuals


Payroll enables employees to declare their taxes after tax planning. During the Actuals employees can update their documents in Payroll Module for Verification. Calculate Taxes based on either Declared value or Actual Value. Adjust remaining tax amount in planned manner.

Bonus, Gratuity & Arrears


Bonus and Gratuity can be configured in Payroll as per statutory compliance. Payroll automatically identifies, calculates and pays through salary. Payroll also allows Salary reviews with or without Arrear triggered by confirmation, Pay Review or Retention.


Salary Hold & FFS


Salary for any employee can be put on hold for various reasons from Payroll Module. In case of resignation after the offboarding formalities and clearances are performed Full and Final Settlement can be processed through the system. Process is similar to Payroll Processing, Blazing Fast!


Form 16


Form 24Q

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Payroll that never fails you.

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Payroll is the most demanded module by far around 35%

Global HRMS Industry is expected to grow at 10.5% CAGR till 2028 to Reach $ 33.5 Billion.

AI & OCR are going to be the Next big thing in HRMS

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