Hire right candidates

Recruitment & Onboarding

Hire the correct talent for your organization with a “No-compromise” software, that helps you design your entire recruitment from the scratch. Unique features with Unmatched flexibility.

Move fast, break things!

Position Configuration


Recruitment allows you to configure every job’s Title, Description, Responsibilities, Qualifications, Skills and Competencies. Easily hire for any position with well defined parameters without any hassles or redundancy. Cover everything from Assets to Benefits to CTC Structures ONLY ONCE and enjoy forever.

Requisition Workflow


Create your own Requisition process from scratch. Replicate your original hiring processes into the system step to step. Make hiring processes lucid and smooth. All your interview rounds and tests can be configured right into the system. The system ensures a smooth hiring experience for both the Candidate and the Panel.



State of the art system design helps you track EACH step of your requisition in Real-time. Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps management to track every activity of a single candidate and Requisition Tracking System (RTS) helps to track a whole requisition for a better understanding.

Future is NOW!

Candidate Portal & Offer Acceptance


Each candidate gets their own login. Candidates can fill up their details, upload documents, appear for online examinations, get updates on his application and many more. After the Offer letter is generated, it can be seen in candidate profile for a pre defined timeline and then, disappears. Candidates can Accept, Reject or Renegotiate the offer from their own Portal.

Requisition Posting


Post your requisition to your company’s hiring (Career) page. Send login credentials and allot your Requisitions to any your HR Consultants or Integrate with Social media if APIs are available. Let the world know YOU ARE HIRING.

IJP & Referral Bonuses


Now post your open positions to your company’s Internal Job Portal (IJP) and let the organization know you are hiring for certain position. Employees can either apply themselves or refer a friend with Phone & Email. Referral bonuses can also be handled through the system.

Forget Onboarding Hassles!

Fully Automated Onboarding


Once hiring is done the candidate is put into onboarding processes. The system lets you define your OWN onboarding processes and procedures from Scratch. Configure all your activities that needs to be covered even the smallest ones and assign it to your employees. Track the progress of Onboarding in REAL-TIME.

Virtual Tour & Policy Acceptance


Onboarding also has complete Virtual Tour Experience for E-onboarding. Employees get familiarized with Values, Vision, SOPs, Regulations and in and out of the company. Employees get introduced with the Reporting Manager and their Colleagues even before they join the organization. Acceptance of all your policies and SOPs before the candidate is onboarded. 

E-Learning Portal


After the hiring processes, Employees can access all PDF, Audio and Video lessons from a “Kindle-style” E-Learning Portal. All essential study materials can be uploaded into the system by the management.

Fast and Transparent Hiring Process

Hiring the correct talent is the first step to create a strong and successful business. EmployeeVibes ensures the hiring process is flexible and caters to the exact requirements of the clients. Access data regarding hiring and ensure smooth onboarding with Real-time tracking of each Candidate, Faster & Better.

60% of candidates do not complete Application if the process is too complex.

80% of available jobs in the market are never advertised.

47% Companies will use some form of AI based HR Technology by end of 2022.

Focus on the hiring right talent, leave the rest to us!