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Travel and Expense

Make sure when your employees travel, only thing on their mind is Business! Track your Employees on the move, Create your Entitlements, Travel modes and everything else. Upload Bills, Get verified and Disburse Expense Amount. Everything that you need, in one place with EmployeeVibes Travel Management.

Make travelling for work, FUN

City Classification


Travel module enables you to Classify all your cities into different Tiers and set individual entitlements for the tiers even for the same designation. Make sure your employees know appropriate details before they embark.

Travel Entitlements


Travel module let you set tier-wise entitlements for everything related to travel. Set Travel modes, Travel Class, Hotel classifications, Food, Laundry, Parking and everything else. Set individual expense limits for each city tier even for same designation.


Integrated Attendance and Geo-Tracking


Travel gives you the ability to Track your employee while they are on business trips during working hours on Google Maps. Integrated OD Application for approval and record keeping. Auto-Mark or Geo Mark attendance while on travel.



Geo Fencing



Bills from Mobile Gallery

ESS on the Move

Travel Advances


Now apply for Travel Advances Application and get advance amount allotted for specific travel in advance. Forget the effort to keep all the documents intact.

Travel Expense Application


Complete your travel, fill up Travel Expense form and upload all Travel Tickets, Bills and Documents against all permissible limits. Get documents verified by the designated employee.


Travel Booking Request


Travel module enables employees to apply for booking Journey tickets, Hotel Reservations from clients’ official travel desk. After the booking has been made it can be updated in the system.

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Uncomplicate Business Travel

Flexible Escalations


Single Travel Application (Travel Code) can be tracked from Travel Application, Travel Approval, Actual Travel, Travel Booking Request, Travel Expense Application and Disbursement. Different parts of same Travel Code can escalate to different people eg: Travel Application > Reporting Manager, Travel Expense Application > Manager > Accounts.



Handle Travel Expense Disbursement from the travel module. Make Payments to employee’s Current Account on Stipulated date.

What is Payroll Software?

Don't worry about losing your bills, Ever!

Travel module provides you with complete travel solution from the beginning to the end. Make sure your travel expenses disbursement  happen on timely basis. Reduce travel stress and keep your employees happy.

74% of HRs are now considering increasing their spending on HR automation

Covid-19 has completely changed how people travel. Regulations change almost every day.

Business Travel has not slowed down and is expected to grow to $1.6 Trillion soon,

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