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EmployeeVibes is a web-based HR management solution helping organizations in digitizing their entire business processes. The software is used for monitoring a variety of distinctive tasks starting from employee onboarding, task scheduling, leave and attendance monitoring, payroll management, and off-board management. etc.

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The Heart

Core HR


Core HR

At the heart of any HR software is the Core HR module, which serves as the central repository of employee data and company information. This module is responsible for managing everything from employee records and payroll to benefits administration and compliance reporting.

With its deep understanding of your organization and its processes, Core HR is the backbone of any effective HR system.


Unlimited Legal Entities


Complete Flexibility


Custom Workflows


your business

Unlimited classifications

Core HR allows you to create unlimited hierarchies, have the freedom to create as many locations, zones, clusters, business units. Core HR caters to your current organization structure and ensures configurability all future legal entities.

Flexible Rule Master

Core HR lets you create policies based on any hierarchy. Freedom to create policies based on any hierarchy. Flexible enough to create policies based on even a single employee.

Flexibility from the Foundation!

Flexible Workflows

Core HR lets you create workflows according to your original processes. Handle timeline-based escalations, cross-company, cross-department based escalations. Create flexible reporting structures.

IP Locking & Audit Log

Core HR helps you to limit the IPs from where your employees can log into the HR portal and access sensitive HR data. Hide your sensitive data from being accessed from networks outside the Organization. Access Audit log for changes happening in the system for tracking along with Change tracker.


The Most Personalized & Optimized experience

EmployeeVibes understands the specific business needs , provides you with the most optimized experience . It ensures you can build your policies and the system from the scratch for best usability.


57% of people using AI in HR feel it improves Employee Experience


41% HRs feel there should be close association between HR & IT


51% HRs feel Automation brings down business costs

EmployeeVibes App Manage All HR Activities From Any Where