Appraise the right talent

Performance management

Don’t be stuck with 90,180, 360 Degree forms, create your own form from scratch right from look and feel to workflow. Now gauge each person’s performance against parameters defined by the organization KRAs, Competencies, Development Objectives. Identify training requirements for present and future positions. 

Be Bold. Be brave. Be Limitless.

Flexible Form Configuration


Say bye to old hard-coded forms. Break free from “Standard forms” Create your own Performance Evaluation forms from scratch. Define how many tabs, columns etc you would like to have. Design your own form from Performance Management Module.

Flexible Rating Tables


Performance Management helps you to create your own rating tables. Performance Management enables you to create Alpha-Numeric Rating tables. Define how much which rating means what, make the process transparent.

Flexible Workflows


Performance Management allows you to replicate your company’s escalation matrix for Performance Appraisal forms. Now include unlimited number of people in the appraisal process. Define weightages among ratings of each level. Upload Supporting documents to support the self rating on each KRA or Competency.

Embrace constant Evolution!

Flexible PMS and Review Cycles


Performance Management allows you to design flexible Performance Appraisal and Review Cycles. Reviews can be done Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Quarterly or Semi Annually. Send notifications to all employees when their forms open.

Goals, Competencies & Development


Performance Management can be subdivided into main categories called Goals (KRAs), Competencies (Skills) & Development Objectives (TNI). It is also integrated with Position Management which can pull the KRAs from Job Description.

Category-wise Weightage


Performance Management enables you to create composite forms containing Goals (KRAs), Competencies (Skills) & Development Objectives (TNIs). They all can have weightages among themselves. Each of the category can be sub-divided further and the sections can have their own weightage.

Unleash the Star in you!

9 Grid Box


Performance Management helps you Identify and appraise the Star Employees, use advanced features like 9-Grid Box to Identify the best employees with Performance vs Potential Matrix. Managers can identify who are the most valued team-mates and who needs more training and development.

Evaluation, Increment & Promotions


Performance Management lets you set rules for weightages, over-all scores, Employee Talent Review & Succession and Increment Calculation rule. That makes the Appraisal process clear as a crystal.

Auto-Normalization & Bell Curve


EmployeeVibes Performance Management has the capability to Auto-Normalize Appraisal Data and Bell Curve Analysis with Actual Curve and Normalized Curve. Make Final Recommendations for Increments and Promotions as final Authority.

Its either Everything or Nothing.

Its is really important to “Appreciate” the right talent and “Motivate” the rest. Star Employees quit when they do not feel appreciated. Make sure you retain the right talent with help of EmployeeVibes Performance Management so that you can race your way to the top.

68% of Employees feel fulfilled after getting appreciated and guided.

54% of Employees feel Appraisals could be more honest & meaningful - Leadership IQ

Performance Appraisal is the most demanded module after Payroll Management.

Build an environment based on High Performance.